The Pattern Guru focuses on innovative cutting and digital technologies in the development of structured and unstructured clothing. 

We live in the age of all things digital and we believe that pens, paper, rulers and pins are out when it comes to pattern cutting. There’s a much faster, more accurate and effective way to create patterns for your clothing and we’re here to deliver it to you.

Digital patterns are much faster to adjust and make alterations to, as well as grade into numerous sizes whilst maintaining accuracy and a perfect fit.

Having your patterns stored in your hard drive keeps them safe and organised, never worry about losing a pattern piece again (because, hey, it only takes a minute to print out another, right?)

It also makes it extremely easy to share them with friends, colleagues and clients. You could send your pattern off to manufacturers on the other side of the world should you so choose with just the click of a button.

Order today and step into a world of mess-free, hassle-free, organised patterns.

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